Medium Skulls and Roses Bag (Various Colours)

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If this bag was covered in Guns and Roses, this would have been a lot easier to write. Possible lawsuits aside, obviously. Then again, who would want a bag that reminds them of one man’s determination to turn himself into Mick Hucknall? Skulls and Roses definately then, for the win. (Or FTW, for the all the new-fangled interweb language savvy peoples out there).

Perfect day bag, for work or play (Granted you might need a slightly liberal minded boss for the ‘work’ part). Strong and durable, one inner zipped pocket. High quality Doc Black product. Available in a variety of other colours and sizes.


Height (from tip of handle to bottom of bag) – 13in
Height (from top to bottom of bag) – 7 1\2in
Width (from widest point to widest point) – 13in