Medium Tattoo Motif Bag (Various Colours)

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It has to be said, tattoos aren't for everyone. They hurt, and can end up looking rubbish (Actually, mine didn't hurt that much and look awesome, but I'm trying to build an atmosphere here). Plus there's the stuck there for all eternity arguement. And Amy Winehouse (she's an arguement against a lot of things though). So, instead, here is this rather wonderful bag. Loving the whole 1940s/1950s vibe. A little bit rockabilly and a lot fabulous.

Perfect day bag, for work or play (Granted you might need a slightly liberal minded boss for the 'work' part). Strong and durable, with inner zipped pocket. High quality Doc Black product. Available in a variety of other colours and sizes.


Height (from tip of handle to bottom of bag) – 13in
Height (from top to bottom of bag) – 7 1\2in
Width (from widest point to widest point) – 13in