Small Skulls and Roses Bag (Various Colours)

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If this bag was covered in Guns and Roses, this would have been a lot easier to write. Possible lawsuits aside, obviously. Then again, who would want a bag that reminds them of one man's determination to turn himself into Mick Hucknall? Skulls and Roses definately then, for the win. (Or FTW, for the all the new-fangled interweb language savvy peoples out there).

Perfect for a night out, or for those lucky people who know how to travel light. (How? How do you do it? What about the umbrella, extra jacket, book for the bus, hairbrush, bottle of water, spare umbrella etc…)

Strong and durable, with one inner pocket. High quality Doc Black product. Available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Height (from tip of handle to bottom of bag) - 12in
Height (from top of bag to bottom) - 6 1\2in
Width (from widest point to widest point) - 8in